Astro 6D System Chart

1. Active cooling with EXcooler
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Test shots of Monochrome eos 60D

Below is the first test shot image when we tried ti remove the Micro Lens and CFA using optical polishing powder. The brightness of the micro lens removed area is quite a lot dimmer than the area with the micro lens and CFA still intact.

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B/W DSLR modification study

Generally color image sensor is arranged as the pattern of RGBG 2×2 pixels color filter array, It can make the color images through 1 shot exposure but the large amount of light were blocked by color filters on CMOS and color processing algorithm produce false colors. The optical low pass filter to prevent false color on color image sensor makes lower resolutions to output image.
In low light photography field B/W sensor with high QE and low noise is most valid device for higher resolution image. Read more

CDS-5D (Cooled 5D mark III) Dark Frame Compared

We compared the dark frame shots of unmodified eos 5D MarkIII and Cooled 5D mark III.The images were taken at indoor dark room and the exposure time was 450sec ( 7.5 minutes) and ISO setting was 1600. We croped 650×325 pixels in center area of original images and not resized.

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Cooled 5D MarkIII study

Now we are studying to release cooled 5D MarkIII.

Below images the prototype design of  it and be possible to be changed.

5d3-1  5d3-2  5d3-3

Battery replacement of Astro60D thermometer

Prepare LR44 battery 2ea, Micro size hex L wrench set (1.27, 1.5, 2, 2.5mm …)

1. Unscrew four M2 screw using 1.27mm hex wrench.

2.Unscrew M3 Socket Set Screw using 1.5mm hex wrench.

3.Open the cover plate.

4.Detach the thermometer panel from body.

5.Open the battery cover.

6.Replace the battery.

7.Assemble in reverse order.

Camera Usage of UV/IR Blocking Filter mounted CDS-600D, CDS-1100D

* Baader 2″ UV/IR Blocking filter(48mm thread) installed for Astro-imaging only.

Telescope + 2″ Astronomical Filter + Camera

Camera Lens + Camera

Camera Lense + 2″ Astronomical Filter + Camera

Camera Usage of Clear Filter mounted CDS-600D, CDS-1100D

*Optically polished Hoya MC clear filter installed.

Telescope + 2″ Astronomical Filter + Camera

Camera Lens + Camera

Camera Lense + 2″ Astronomical Filter + Camera


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Micro lens & Color filter array on Image sensor

Microscope image of eos 40d CMOS sensor surface.
You can see micro lenses removed area and micro lens remainded area.
Dark area are microlens on CFA layer. 1unit of color Filter pattern is Green/Green/Blue/Red.