Monochrome A7s CMOS Sensitivity Test

Debayered A7s CMOS

Gold wirings on 4 sides of sensor ares was covered by epoxy to protect from chemical solution. CMOS sensor is  having several defected points in debayering process. And these made Horizontal rows and vertical columns in image.


Test condition:

Astro A7s camera 1 set.

Low pass filter was removed, Hoya clear filter window on airtight chamber + Hoya UV IR cut filter in Drop-In filter holder.

Indoor table , 50mm F1.4 lens +white cover plate.

ISO100, 1/20sec electric shutter (Silent mode) exposure. sony RAW image format(ARW) was taken.

Original JPG images

1.Taken from color CMOS

2.Taken from mono CMOS

ARW file was processed to 16bit B/W image in RawDigger.

1. Image from Original Color CMOS

2.Image from Debayered A7s CMOS sensor( This sensor is the one extracted from another A7s camera and debayered by chemical solution.)

Level stretched image comparison.(255 ->30)


Center Area cropped, 16pixels x 15pixels area


Luminance Level Comparison (Black=0, White=100)

We can see the difference of pixel brightness  in Color CMOS :G1,G2 is more bright than Blue or Red pixels. It caused by the color filter character. In mono CMOS the bright level of pixels are very stable. I expected to see the level of mono CMOS pixels exceed to green pixels’s luminance value, but it’s  20% lower .  it’s most equal to Red value and 25% over  level of Blue pixels.

Average Luminance Level is Color CMOS =41, Mono Debayered CMOS= 39,  Monochrome sensor is slightly lower. But in resolution aspect, Monochrome sensor is 2 times higher compared to Color sensor.



RAW File Loading in Photo shop ( using Camera Raw )

File > Open.. > Choose your CR2 file.

Check factors in [Basic]  and set the values as below.

Check factors in [Detail]  and set the values as below and press [Open Image] Button.

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Image Processing for Nebula Object

There are so many ways to make astro images from Raw File .

Here is one way using RawDigger + Photoshop. 자세히 보기

Q: How can I change the reddish astro images taken by my modified camera to the natural colored astro images?

A:  The camera modification for astro photography aims to  maximum H-alpha (Hα)  656nm recording. Camera modification for astro photography make the regular camera to High Ha sensing camera, it’s about 3 times more compared to unmodified digital cameras.

But the color of background will become so reddish, because the increased red light amount.

There are many ways of image processing to correct the reddish colors to natural colors.

Here are 2 simple ways.

A. Take the shots using Custom White Balance

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흑백 카메라

이미지센서의 흑백개조 (=Debayering)란?

범용 디지털 카메라의 이미지센서를  흑백센서로 만들기 위해 칼라 이미지센서 표면에 형성되어 있는 Bayer Filter (= color filter array)층을 벗겨내는 작업을 말합니다. 자세히 보기

Astro A7s System Chart

1. Active Cooling with EXcooler
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Astro 6D System Chart

1. Active cooling with EXcooler
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Astro A7s (냉각개조 sony A7s)

소니에서 2014년 발표한 카메라중에서 가장 주목받는 제품이  A7s인데 풀프레임이면서 화소수는 보급형 디지털카메라보다 적은 1200만화소의 카메라로 고감도 사진촬영이 가능하여 iso 409,600, 4K동영상 촬영을 지원하는 카메라입니다.
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