Nikon Z6 vs Canon 6D

We tested the noise of Dark Frame of  Z6 and 6D in a same condition(= Unmodified camera and cooled camera) to check the noise characteristics.

iso 1600, 900sec, RAW file  Dark Frame taken.  400 x 400 pixels Center area cropped.

1.Uncooled , Original comparison.


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D850 Cooled vs. Uncooled

A7s Cooled vs. Uncooled

Dark frame Analysis of CDS-5D. by Brice Grassin,

This analysis report was based on the dark frame images of cooled 5D markIII and these were taken at the temperature range +20C ~ -30C .
Below linked images are the unscaled original dark images.
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Test shots of Monochrome eos 60D

Below is the first test shot image when we tried ti remove the Micro Lens and CFA using optical polishing powder. The brightness of the micro lens removed area is quite a lot dimmer than the area with the micro lens and CFA still intact.

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CDS-5D (Cooled 5D mark III) Dark Frame Compared

We compared the dark frame shots of unmodified eos 5D MarkIII and Cooled 5D mark III.The images were taken at indoor dark room and the exposure time was 450sec ( 7.5 minutes) and ISO setting was 1600. We croped 650×325 pixels in center area of original images and not resized.

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