Micro lens & Color filter array on Image sensor

Microscope image of eos 40d CMOS sensor surface.
You can see micro lenses removed area and micro lens remainded area.
Dark area are microlens on CFA layer. 1unit of color Filter pattern is Green/Green/Blue/Red.


CDS-600D, CDS-1100D Dark Frame Comparison

Dark Frame Comparison

We compared the dark frame shots of unmodified camera and cooling modified camera and the models are EOS 1100D(= Rebel T3, Kiss X50 ) and CDS-1100D / EOS 600D (=Rebel T3i, Kiss X5) and CDS-600D / EOS 60D and Astro60D.The images were taken at indoor dark room and the exposure time was 450sec ( 7.5 minutes).We croped 224×224 pixels in center area of original images and not resized.










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Images of Astro60D

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Disassembly of Astro60D for trash button DIY repair

Prepare the tools and insulted gloves for the work.

Prepare double-sided adhesive tape for screw capturing. All removed screw must be stored in order.

Unscrew the 2 small hex screws.

You can see the folded cables at the backside of  Excooler label removed.

Using pinset carefully and slowly pull out the heat shrinkable tube covered cable connections.

Please remove the shrinkable cable covering and capture the photo of the cable connections for safe reconnection.

Using soldering iron detach the cable connection. Remember the original cable connections.
Please attach the identification labels to the separated cables.

Remove two fixing screw at the LCD hinge .

Remove the hinge cover.

Remove the 3 screw on bottom of camera.

Remove the screws under right hand grip.
Remove 3 screws near view finder.
Take off the rubber cover of left side.
Remove the screws on the left side.

Open the battery cover and memory slot cover. Turn the LCD to 90degree.



Hold the excooler housing firmly and lift up the back cover very very slowly.

Slightly open the back cover to exposure the LCD connector.

Release the FPCB connector from Main Board. Using pinset hold and Lift up.

Remove the back cover from the slowly.  The separated cables must be arranged for reassemble.

Please check this connector . disconnect-> reconnect 

Reassemble the camera.

Re-assembly process is the reverse order of disassembly.

Important things on your resemble work.

Check the connector coupling; LCD to M/B, trash button connector.

The right +,- soldering and insulation of temperature sensor, Peltier, Anti-dew heater cable.

I pray for your success in DIY repair. God bless you.



Cooling Modified
eos 600D(Rebel T3i )

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Cooled 5D MarkII (Cooling modified EOS 5D MarkII)

Information of the product :

*Cooling temperature : [ambient air temperature – 25℃](±2℃) with EXcooler ON
*Low Pass Filter removed and MC clear filter (HOYA)installed
* Filter Option : Astronomical UV/IR Blocking Filter
*Power: 12V, 4.2A DC Read more

Spectrum Enhanced DSLRs (for Astro-Photography)

 Model:  1100D-FM   600D-FM   60D-FM   5D MarkII-FM

Information of the product : 

* Low Pass Filter Modification for astro-photography
* Original Canon’s Anti-Aliasing filter Preserved
* Original Canon’s Dust reduction function Preserved
* Finely aligned AF Focusing for Daytime use
* Excellent light transmission characteristic.(420nm ~ 680nm)
* H-a light 98% pass (unmodified camera: 27%)


 <Light Transmission Chart>


<Removed IR-Absorption Filter of 450D Low Pass Filter>


TC-80N3 Canon Timer Remote Controller



model: canon TC-80N3 (modified)

Information of the product :
*Timer release for 10D,20D,5D,1D…. Modified to fit into 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D,550D,600D


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PS1208 EOS DSLR Power supply (for DC12V )

 * 12V to 8V DC Converter for Canon eos DSLR:
*This can be used with : 400D,450D,500D,550D,600D,1000D,1100D,
40D,50D,60D,5D MarkII,Astro40D,Astro50D,Astro60D
Cooled 5D MarkII
* Use 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery or 12V AC/DC adapter as a power source
* Long lasting in cold air temperature
* 4 types terminal available