Argalia Luca

Photographer :Argalia Luca
Title :Sh2-155 – The Cave Nebula
Camera :Astro 40D Cooled
Location :Italy
Date :19/08/2012
Date: 26 x 10 min. 800 Iso + 3 Dark + 25 flat and darkflat Instruments: optics Takahashi FSQ106 f/5 on Skywatcher EQ6 pro – Canon 40D CentralDS. 19/08/2012 a Castelletta di Fabriano (AN) Temp. ext. 17.2° C Sensor Temp: -1,2 °C – Humidity: 58%

Luca Argalia

Photographer :Luca Argalia
Title :M42
Camera :Astro 40D Cooled
Location :Linaro (FC) – Italy
Date :17/12/2011
Dati: 13 x 8 min. 800 Iso + 17 x 3 min 800 iso + 19 x 1 min. 400 iso + 19 x 20 sec. 400 iso + 5 Dark + 25 flat e darkflat Software: Iris Instruments: Takahashi FSQ106 f/5 on Skywatcher EQ6 pro – Canon 40D CentralDS. Data e luogo di scatto: 17/12/2011 a Linaro (Fc) Temp. Ext: 3,0° C Temp. Sensor -14,5 °C – Humidity 45%

Argalia Luca

Photographer :Argalia Luca
Title :B169
Camera :Astro 40D cooled
Location :Castelletta di Fabriano (AN) – Italy
Date :19/08/2012

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Douglas Robertson

Photographer : Douglas Robertson
Title :NGC 2070 and surrounds
Camera :Astro 40D
Location :South Australia
Date :August, 2012
Synthetic RGB – 225mins Ha data + 210mins OIII data combined as Red=Ha, Green=OIII Green data, Blue=OIII Blue data. Scope: Tak 90…FL=408mm @ F4.5 Camera: Astro 40D (iso 1600)…Ha data 15x15mins, OIII data 21x10mins

Kenji Ishida

Photographer :Kenji Ishida
Title :M27
Camera :CSD-600D
Location :Sanjyo-shi Niigata Japan
Date :July 27,2012
Telescope: ASTROSIB250RC f/8 3 3x1200s ISO 1600 Flats/Dark Software: BackyardEOS, StellaImage6.5, Photoshop CS4 Sensor Temperature: +0℃