Daniel Donguk Cho

Photographer :Daniel Donguk Cho
Title :IC434
Camera :CDS-600D
Location :Palmdale, California
Date :02.13.13 + 03.10.13 + 03.13.13
12 x 300sec ISO1600 + 8 x 600sec ISO800 + 6 x 600sec ISO1600 + 10 x 900sec ISO1600 Stacked by IRIS and Photoshop, Noiseware

Thomas Engl

Photographer :Thomas Engl
Title :Baby-Eagle (LBN 777)
Camera :cooled Astro40D
Location :Schmirn i. Tirol / Austria
Date :2012. 11. 14
22 x 1500sec , 400 ASA 200/900mm Newton with Baader MPCC chip temperature: -20°C

John Bishop



Photographer :John Bishop
Title :IC434 horsehead nebula
Camera :CDS-600D
Location :USA
Date :2013. 3.
stack of four 600 second frames and six 300 second frames all at iso 800 with CDS600D on a Takahashi 130mm F7.7 TOA scope. Acquired and calibrated and stacked with MaximDL and further processed in Photoshop.