CDS-5D (Cooled 5D mark III) Dark Frame Compared

We compared the dark frame shots of unmodified eos 5D MarkIII and Cooled 5D mark III.The images were taken at indoor dark room and the exposure time was 450sec ( 7.5 minutes) and ISO setting was 1600. We croped 650×325 pixels in center area of original images and not resized.

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CDS-600D / CDS-5D compared

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Cooled 5D markII / CDS-5D compared

Cooled 5D markII / CDS-5D compared Read more

Chris Howey

Photographer :Chris Howey
Title :M27 Dumbbell Nebula
Camera :Astro 60D
Location :Gloucestershire, UK
Date :7/10/2013
11 x 360 Seconds. ISO 1600. Borg 125SD mounted on TTS 160 Panther Alt AZ.

Van Yi

Photographer :Van Yi
Title :Moon
Camera :Cooled 5D MarkII
Location :Hong Kong
Date :2013. 9. 16
Telescope: TSA120, Mount:EM200 Cooled 5D MarkII(1.5℃)+ TeleVue 2xPM Exposure: 1/350s x327 , ISO1600 Photoshop CS4, Pixinsight Processed