Vincent Cheng

Photographer :Vincent Cheng
Title :California Nebula HaRGB
Camera :Astro 60D
Location :MeiZhou, CHINA
Date :7-8,Nov and 3,Dec, 2013
Camera : Astro60D (cooled at-14~-18C) Telescope/Lens : Takahashi FSQ-85ED (450mm f/5.3) Filter : Ha (Astronomik 6nm Ha), color (none) ISO : Ha (3200), color (1600) Tracking Mount : Takahashi EM-11 Autoguide : SBIG SG-4 Total Exposure Time : Ha 160mins, color 148mins w Dark Frames, Bias Frames process w DSS,PI, PS5

Dark frame Analysis of CDS-5D. by Brice Grassin,

This analysis report was based on the dark frame images of cooled 5D markIII and these were taken at the temperature range +20C ~ -30C .
Below linked images are the unscaled original dark images.
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