Fritz Helmut Hemmerich

Photographer: Fritz Helmut Hemmerich

Title: Rho Ophiuchi Nebula

Image Data:
Camera: CDS-5D
Date: 24 June 2014

Location:  Tenerife, Spain  in 1200 height.
32 x 240 sec, 480mm F3.9 Borg,
Canon 5D III (CentralDS modded, cooled -15 °), ISO1600,
EQ8 (autoguiding),
PixInsight and PS.

Danny Leung

Photographer: Danny Leung

Title: The Carina Nebula NGC3372
Image Data:
Camera Astro 60D -14C
Lens Takahashi SKY 90MM @ 400MM F4
ISO 1600
Exposure H-alpha 15MINS RGB 3MINS
Guiding QHY 5II
Mount I-optron ZEQ25
Filter Astronomil 6nm H-alpha
No Dark No Bias
Processing W PS PI

John Bishop

Photographer: John Bishop
Title: NGC4565
Camera :CDS600d,
Location : Beeville, Texas, USA
Date :May30, 2014,

iso 800, 6 frames X 300 sec,
190mm F5.3 Maksutov Newtonian,

Shane Hunt


Photographer: Shane Hunt
Subject: M101

Image Data:
Camera: Cooled 60d
10x300sec, ISO 800
Location: Anza, CA
Date: 5-31-14
Telescope / Mount: Takahashi fsq-106dedx (f/5) / Losmandy G-11
Software: Nebulosity