Chris Howey

Photographer: Chris Howey (UK)
Title: Bi-Colour IC 410 including the “Tadpoles”
Image Data: 15 x 900sec Ha, 5 x 900 sec OIII
CentralDS Astro 60D. Borg 125SD @ F3.9
TTS 160 Panther Alt Az Mount
Astrodon 5nm filters

Danny Leung

Photographer: Danny Leung
Title: IC443&NGC2174
Image Data: Location Hong Kong
Camera:Astro 60D
Lens: Takahashi Fs60cb With Reducer 264MM F 4.4
ISO: 1600
Exposure time: 600S X 3 +30MINS
Mount: Skymemo
Filter: Astronomik H-Alpha 6NM
No Dark No Bias No Flat

Joung Sung Yoon

Photographer: Joung Sung Yoon
Title: ic1805 + ic 1848
Image Data:
***location:South Korea
***Lens: Canno 200mm(F=1.8)L+ EQ6PRO
***Camera: Astro 400D
***ISO: 420sec (F=2.8, iso 1600) * 37
***Notouch guide, Maxim5, Photoshop cs5, pixinsight 1.8, No Dark, No Flat

Daniel Cho

Photographer: Daniel Cho
Title: Andromeda, M31
Image Data:

– Date: 07.22.~10.19.2014

– Place: Palmdale, California
– Telescope: Orion 80mm ED with Reducer / F6.3 / 510mm
– Camera: CentralDS CDS-600D, SSAG+PHD Guiding
– 15×300sec ISO1600 + 5×300sec + 26×480sec + 58×600sec + 5×900sec ISO800 = 16h 3m

Michele Orlandino

Photographer: Michele Orlandino
Title: Cocoon Nebula
Image Data:
cds600d- televue Np 102 + reducer flattener
murgia Italy

Lee Gi Won


Photographer: Lee Gi Won

Title: Center Of Our Galaxy
Image Data:
Camera : Astro50D
Telescope/Lens : EF50mm F1.4
ISO : 400
Tracking Mount : Eq6-pro
Autoguide : none

Total Exposure Time : 10min x3
w Dark Frames
process w Pixinsight