Elio Magnabosco

Photographer: Elio Magnabosco

Title: LBN 777
Image Data:
Telescope APM 130mm f6 reduced F3.6,
22 frames from 600s to 1600 iso
Cooled 5D MarkII Central DS all on Gemini G53F.

Chris Howey

Photographer: Chris Howey, UK
Title: Pelican Nebula (Bi-Colour)
Image Data: Astro 60D. Borg 125SD at F3.9. TTS Alt Az mount.
15 x 600 sec Ha + 15 600 sec OIII + 5 x 900 sec OIII
All at iso 1600.

Elio Magnabosco

Photographer: Elio Magnabosco
Title: Pleiades
Image Data:  28/10 2014, 27 shots of 600s. @800 iso
Cooled 5d MarkII Central DS, and telescope Apo refractor Apm 130mm f3.6

Astro A7s System Chart

1. Active Cooling with EXcooler
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Astro 6D System Chart

1. Active cooling with EXcooler
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Astro A7s (Cooling modified SONY A7s)

The launch of Sony’s A7s this year is remarkable because of it’s very good low light performance and 4K movie mode with it’s Full Frame image sensor.
 The A7s 12 megapixels is small compared to other full frame digital cameras but this camera is special to amateur astronomers because of it’s ultra high iso (up to 409,600).

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Astro 6D (Cooling modified eos 6D)

Astro6D is a cooling modified Canon EOS 6D.
Up until now we have used two methods to modify Canon DSLR’s to a cooled configuration.
The first is to insert a cooling module into the camera body, whilst the other is a reconfiguration of the camera system, as in the case of CDS-5D.
The inner space of the 6D and A7s is so tight that we have introduced a new modification concept for these cameras.


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