David Dvali


Photographer: David Dvali
Title: Veil Nebula
Image Data:
Site: Tbilisi, Georgia
Imaging telescope: Takahashi FSQ106EDXIII
Imaging camera: Central DS Astro 6D
Mount: iOptron CEM60

Elio Magnabosco


Photographer: Elio Magnabosco
Title: Omicron Persei and IC348
Image Data:
Date: 07/12/15

I share with the forum is my last effort.

The area is very colorful Omicron Persei and IC348 are 39 frame from 600s to 1600 ISO made last december by an excellent mountain sky.
For the shoot I used my Canon 5D Mark II changed Central DS, the fire of my faithful APM Apochromatic 130 f6 reduced to F3.7 and the whole frame of Gemini G53F, the rest of the made heaven and PixInsight.

Alessandro Cipolat Bares

Photographer: Alessandro Cipolat Bares
Title: NGC7023 -VdB 141
Image Data: IRIS nebula and VdB141, in Perseus,
taken May, 5, 2016 in Aosta Valley , Italy
with CentralDS Astro 60D,
FSQ106 fluorite, 30×420 sec……

SungYeab Kim


Photographer:  SungYeab Kim
Title: NGC7000,NGC5070
Image Data: 2016.05.04 / 05.07
site: GOESAN, South Korea
WO star71/ KENKO NEQ6 Pro / CDS-600D

420sec * 9 (ISO1600) , 450sec * 9 (ISO1250)