Fabrizio Rochira

Photographer: Fabrizio Rochira
Title : Ngc 7023

Image Data:
Astro 60D Central Ds with clear filter
1250 iso.
24 light raw – Time of single exposure: 6042 sec.
Site: Puglia (Italy)


Alan Coffelt

Photographer: Alan Coffelt
Title: M16 Eagle Nebula
Image Data:
Mount: CGE
Telescope: Orion EON130
Camera: Sony A7s (from CentralDS)
23×30 second subs

Iko Margalef

Photographer: Iko Margalef
Title: NGC7000 & IC 5070
Image Data: …Nebulae North America and NGC 7000 and the nearby Pelican Nebula (IC 5070) ,
taken with Sony A7s (Central DS Cooled) and TS65Q

H-Alpha + RGB
H-Alpha:Baader 7nm H-Alpha filter,  18 x 300sec ISO12800
RGB: 15 x 180sec
Site: Serra de Irta Alcossebre, Castellon , Spain