Fabrizio Rochira


Photographer: Fabrizio Rochira
Title: Pleiadi M45 from Mount Pollino (Italy)
Image Data:
Shooting location: Mount Pollino – Calabria (Italy) at 1350 meters altitude.
Average temperature: +8 Celsius degrees .
Average Humidity: 95%.
Average sqm in the night at zenith: 21.30.
Technical data: 48 light raw – 600” – 800 iso.
Telescope: Tecnosky 115/800 reduced to 600mm f/5.6.
Reflex: Canon eos 60D Central DS – temperature reported on display: -17.
Pollution filter: Hutech D1
Mount: Skywatcher Eq6-R.
Autoguide: Lacerta Mgen v2 stad alone on TS Optics Super finder 85/328 f/3,85.
Polar search: Skywatcher Pole master.
Dithering: 3pixel.
Anti-condensation bands: actives.
Calibration and alignment: Deep sky stacker.
Post Production: Photoshop Cs6 + plug + various actions.
Final Crop