CA1 ( AF adapter ) Installation

CA1 (AF adapter ) Installation Guide. (Astro 200D, Astro 80D, Astro 5D Mark IV, Astro 6D-C)

1.Prepare CA1 and 2″(48mm) Filter.
Back focus distance of CA1 is 44mm (Same to Canon DSLR) and it’s only valid in case of you install a filter (1.8mm~3.0mm thickness glass can be acceptable) in 48mm thread of CA1. If you use CA1 without any filter installation, your lens may not get infinity focus.

2.Install filter to CA1.

3.Attach CA1 to FRM72 : M60 male thread of CA1  -> M60 Female thread of FRM72

4. Unscrew 3pcs of M4 set screws on FRM72 and Rotate CA1 to proper angle of lens mount.
Tighten M4 set screws.

5. Insert PCB connector to ‘Connector Slot’ on the bottom bot camera body.

6.Push the connector firmly.

7.Check the parallelism of connector

8. Attach a canon Lens and Turn the camera.
Push ‘Live-View’ button and take a shot with AF mode ON.