Astro350D Modifying Process 1

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1.start…..opening the camera

First remove camera’s CF memory and battery, then loosen screws, two of them at left of the camera, three of them at right CF slot, and three of them at bottom of the camera. open the back cover carefully. You’ll see two FPCB cables connected to the mainboard at rearside of the LCD. Unlock the connector’s locking device and easily pull it. It’ll separate easily.

Keeping the back cover opened, if you look at leftside you’ll see three jacks – USB, AVout, and Remote control, as in pictures. all these will have to be replaced to put the airtight chamber.

2.separating mainboard

Loosen two screws placed at right corners of the mainboard. Remove three solderings of stainless shield plate placed at center of the mainboard. Then remove nine FPCB cables, and lift the mainboard. At rearside of the mainboard you’ll find eight pins of cable connectors connected to miniPCB with AV out, Remote control jacks. Separate these with pincette. The mainboard is completely separated. After separating, remove the big stainless sheild plate using soldering iron. It’ll look like picture below. 

3.separating CMOS sensor, miniPCB

You can remove CMOS by loosening two screws connected to supporting frame, and three screws fixed in mirrorbox. Then loosen two screws of miniPCB placed at leftside of CMOS. It’ll be easily separated.

At this condition, look at supporting frame you’ll see two hooks sticking out from the where miniPCB was placed. Cut it off using nipper and make it flat.

4.cutting off plastic housing at sides of camera

airtight chamber and camera’s body was designed to get fixed from three spots in mirrorbox and(picture 1-3) three spots in leftedge of the supporting frame(picture 4-6) with screws. To stick these tightly we must cut off camera housing at leftside of the camera. Carefully use nipper to cut it off. 

5.modifying miniPCB

To guarantee places for airtight chamber we have to move this to other place. Use soldering iron to remove AV out, Remote controller jack from miniPCB. Then solder mini connector’s cable to Remote controller’s three terminals.

And fix with insulation tube. 


6.replacing miniPCB

Open the front lid. At rightside there is charge condense for built-in strobo, there is little gap between this and supporting frame. Put miniPCB, isolated with contraction tube so it can get fixed in tight. Doing this, you have to take care not to make a short at charge condender’s two terminal.

Process-2 ☞

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