Astro 50D (Cooling Modified eos 50D)

Informations :

*15.1 Mega Pixels low noise APS-C size CMOS sensor
*Cool down the temperature of CMOS sensor about 18 Celsius degree(±2℃) from that of ambient air.
*Absolutely high-Quality image in B-shutter use compared with usual DSLR
*Realtime monitoring of the temperature of CMOS sensor (we offers basically a digital Thermometer)
*Use of high efficiency Peltier module
*Power: 12V, 3.6A DC
*Spectrum Enhanced UV/IR blocking filter modification included.

*Optimal design by 3D CAD modelling
*Precision manufacturing by CNC machine
*Perfect tuning of optical axis of CMOS sensor by 3 point alignment method
*Permanent Anti-dew system applied. 
*Excooler and camera body became one.
*Live-view Focus function alive.
*Built-in Flash and Sensor Cleaning function are removed.
*weight: 1,210 g