CentralDS welcome the worldwide direct orders from the individuals. Feel free to contact us for the upgrade of your cooled astro camera.

Price List of Camera Modification Service

*HOYA MC Clear Filter installed in all camera modification.

* Cooling  Modification

 *Delivery: About 5weeks
Nikon Z6 → Astro Z6 USD 1,350
Canon 5D Mark IV → Astro 5D MarkIV USD 1,350
Canon 80D→ Astro 80D USD 990
Canon 200D , SL2, Kiss X9→ Astro 200D USD 930
 EOS 5D Mark III→ CDS-5D USD 1,550
 EOS 6D→ Astro 6D USD 1,150
 EOS 600D→ CDS-600D II USD 1,150
EOS 600D→ CDS-600D II Pro USD 1,350
Nikon D850→ Astro D850 USD 1,350
Nikon D810→ Astro D810
Nikon D810A→ Astro D810A
USD 1,550 Temperature Controller included
 Sony A7s→ Astro A7s USD 1,150

Camera Modification Inquiry : support@centralds.net