Mehmet Ergün


Title: Antares Regeion

Lacation: La Palma, Spain
Date: 28.06.2019

William Optics RedCat51
Skywatcher EQ6GT
MGEN II Guiding
Hutech IDAS D1

Exif: 2 Panel Pano
Pano 1: 26x 300sec. ISO800 250mm f4.9
Pano 2: 26x 300sec. ISO800 250mm f4.9
No Darks, No Bias, No Flats

Edit: PS, PI, LR

Usage of Pin Lever of CM2C or CM2N

The Pin Lever of CM2C or CM2N is located far from the pin hook.  Therefore [Push Upward] is more good  to unlock the pin of lens mount.

Nikon Z6 vs Canon 6D

We tested the noise of Dark Frame of  Z6 and 6D in a same condition(= Unmodified camera and cooled camera) to check the noise characteristics.

iso 1600, 900sec, RAW file  Dark Frame taken.  400 x 400 pixels Center area cropped.

1.Uncooled , Original comparison.


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Enrico Enzman

photographer: Enrico Enzman ,  Germany
Title: Jupiter

Image Data:

Camera : CentralDS Astro 5D Mark IV
Telescope/Lens : ASA 90cm Cassegrain

Date: 7 May, 2019
Site: La Palma, Spain

Chit Ko Ko

Photographer: Chit Ko Ko ,  Singapore
Title: Orion Nebula M42

Image Data:

Camera : Astro 80D
10x4min exposure, ISO800.
Taken with FSQ85, EM-11


CA1 ( AF adapter ) Installation

CA1 (AF adapter ) Installation Guide. (Astro 200D, Astro 80D, Astro 5D Mark IV, Astro 6D-C)

1.Prepare CA1 and 2″(48mm) Filter.
Back focus distance of CA1 is 44mm (Same to Canon DSLR) and it’s only valid in case of you install a filter (1.8mm~3.0mm thickness glass can be acceptable) in 48mm thread of CA1. If you use CA1 without any filter installation, your lens may not get infinity focus.

2.Install filter to CA1.
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Enrico Enzmann

hotographer: Enrico Enzman ,  Germany
Title: M51 ( Whirlpool Galaxy )

Image Data:

Camera : CentralDS Astro 5D Mark IV
Telescope/Lens : ASA 90cm Cassegrain

Date: April, 2019
Site: Königsdorf Deutschland

Mehmet Ergün

Photographer: Mehmet Ergün
Title: M42 Orion Nebula
Image Data:

Camera: CentralDS Astro D850
Takahashi Epsilon 130
Hutech IDAS D1
Skywatcher EQ6R

30 x 4min
30 x 15sec.
30 x 3sec.

Date: 10.01.2019
Location: La Palma / Canary Islands


Steve Siedentop

Photographer:Steve Siedentop
Title:  IC443, The Jellyfish Nebula

Image Data:

Date: January 5, 2019
Site: Jon Wood Astronomy Field Mansfield, Georgia USA
30 Lights, 15 Darks
ISO 1600, 300 Seconds
Central DS CDS-600D
Explore Scientific ED127CF FCD100 & .7 Reducer
Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro Mount
Processed with PixInsight

Luca Quondam

Photographer:Luca Quondam
Title:Cygnus Mosaic

Image Data:
Camera : CentralDS cooled 5D mark II
Telescope : Borg 71
ISO : 1600
13 panels mosaico (5min x20)
Site: Polino Appennino centrale Italy
process w Maxim DL , PS6