News: Cooled  Nikon D810

  • Alessandro Cipolat Bares, Italy
  • Fabrizio Rochira, Italy
About Us

Established in 2006, CentralDS gave birth to the World”s first commercial cooled DSLR.  We specialise in the field of extra low light and extra long exposure photography.

To satisfy our customer’s needs we continue to innovate, but always strive to adhere to our 4 principal goals,

Good User Interface

1We supply products that are intuitive and easy to operate and we always listen to our customer’s feedback & opinions.

Good Image Quality

2Using the latest mechanical, optical and electronic technology, we aim for the highest image quality with the minimum possible noise.

Good Price

3We work to keep our prices low and affordable without sacrificing our high standards of quality.



Good Design

4Our products are designed to be durable and functional with a high attention to detail, yet uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing.