Q: How can I change the reddish astro images taken by my modified camera to the natural colored astro images?

A:  The camera modification for astro photography aims to  maximum H-alpha (Hα)  656nm recording. Camera modification for astro photography make the regular camera to High Ha sensing camera, it’s about 3 times more compared to unmodified digital cameras.

But the color of background will become so reddish, because the increased red light amount.

There are many ways of image processing to correct the reddish colors to natural colors.

Here are 2 simple ways.

A. Take the shots using Custom White Balance

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350D, 400D questions

1. Is it possible to send you a Canon 350 or 400 to make the modification to an cooles DSLR?

Cooled 350D(=Astro350D) and Cooled 400D ( Astro400D) are discontinued and now we can’t modify 350D, 400D to cooled DSLRs.
Currently 60D,600D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D,  Sony A7s are the cameras we can mod.

CDS-600D questions.

1. I noticed that all of the internal filters and glass are removed from the front of the sensor and you use a Hoya Clear glass to seal the unit. Are you able to use a (Baader or another brand) UV/IR glass to seal the unit instead of the Hoya clear glass if we do not have a need for full spectrum? This will also minimize the amount of glass that can diminish light transmission and possibly cause internal reflections from bright stars.

Yes, you can choose Baader UV/IR blocking filter option instead Hoya clear filter : +USD 136.00

2. Have you tested the CDS-600D on a very bright star to check for reflections when a 2″ filter is used?

We have the shots of CDS-1100D with VIXEN VISAC tube on arcturus and  you can see the images. The sky condition was pretty fogy and iso400, 180sec exposure.  Read more