filters, lens mounts, Power supply, remote controller, etc.

TC-80N3 Canon Timer Remote Controller



model: canon TC-80N3 (modified)

Information of the product :
*Timer release for 10D,20D,5D,1D…. Modified to fit into 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D,550D,600D


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PS1208 EOS DSLR Power supply (for DC12V )

 * 12V to 8V DC Converter for Canon eos DSLR:
*This can be used with : 400D,450D,500D,550D,600D,1000D,1100D,
40D,50D,60D,5D MarkII,Astro40D,Astro50D,Astro60D
Cooled 5D MarkII
* Use 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery or 12V AC/DC adapter as a power source
* Long lasting in cold air temperature
* 4 types terminal available

EOS T-ring

Adapt your Canon SLR camera for astrophotography with these T mounts. The Canon EOS T-ring will suit all Canon EOS SLR’s.

These precision made T-rings will fit securely to your SLR camera with no risk of jamming or causing damage to your cameras bayonet fitting.

Couples to many standard astrophotography adapters with T-ring fittings.


CP-1 Color Correction Filter

* Color correction filter for natual color.
* The CP1 filter is for Spectrum enhanced modified DSLR and Cooled DSLR cameras.
* Using this filter you can get the original canon’s natural color at daylight photos.
* Easy installation and removal from camera body.
* Compatible with 400D-FM, 450D-FM, 40D-FM, 50D-FM, Astro400D,Astro40D,Astro50D

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