Astro 5D Mark IV (Cooled 5D Mark IV)

At last, we launched cooled 5D Mark IV.

5D Mark IV is high end DSLR of Canon with new technology 30MP(5.36μm pixel size) Full Frame CMOS.  Thanks to upgraded Dynamic Range and image processing algorithm, 5D Mark IV deliver high quality low light performance compared to that of 5D Mark III.  4K Movie, Bulb timer etc., many new helpful functions were added, but the weight is 60gram lighter than 5D MArk III.

We applied Hybrid cooling concept to this camera and completed simple cooled camera Astro 5D Mark IV.

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Astro 80D & Astro 200D (Cooled SL2 / Kiss X9 )


Astro 200D, Astro 80D are the cooled camera version of canon’s 80D and 200D APS-C sensor DSLRs.
These two models are equipping new upgraded CMOS sensor applied On-Chip ADC technology and give us higher low light performance and good Dynamic Range compared to former canon’s DSLR’s.

Sensor dimension is 22.5×15.0mm(80D), 22.3×14.9mm(200D) and pixel size is  3.75μm(80D): 3.72μm(200D) Sensor specification is so similar but not same sensor.

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Monochrome Camera


To convert the color image sensor of a generic digital camera to a monochrome sensor, we must remove the bayer filter layer(= Color Filter Array=CFA) on the image sensor. This is called “Debayering”.

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