RAW File Loading in Photo shop ( using Camera Raw )

File > Open.. > Choose your CR2 file.

Check factors in [Basic]  and set the values as below.

Check factors in [Detail]  and set the values as below and press [Open Image] Button.

[Sharpening] and [Noise Reduction] algorithm of camera raw program is so harmful for image processing of Astro photos.

“Zero” is best for next steps of image processing.

You can see a Reddish image loaded in Photoshop work Space.

Don’t worry. It’s so natural in Spectrum Enhanced modified camera for astro imaging.

Menu Image> Levels..


In Levels Options.. set the values as below image and you can see the color balance corrected Image.

Save files as a new name for next step image processing.

If you want to see the color data in a level stretched condition, You can see it using [Levels..] commend.

Set the shadow value “0” to “5~20” and Highlight value “255” to “80~150”. Then you can see the shadow color details.