Cleaning of the dusts on Image sensor [ Astro 6D / Astro A7s ]

1.Prepare the tooles: hex wrench-Metric 1.5mm , mini screw driver

2. Unscrew six headless screws of [ field rotation ring ] of camera body using hex wrench.


3.Detach [ field rotation ring ].


4. Mark the original position using pen.


5. Unscrew six black M2 screws on Base plate.


6.Disassemble  the Mount Module from camera body.

7. Clean the image sensor using air blower.

8. Assemble the Mount Module.


*** Remark:

1.  Please do not touch the 3 sets screw on stainless ring. It’s only for optical axis adjustment.
2. All screws on field rotator rings must be fixed using equal force to prevent torsion.
3. Be careful to prevent abrasion of M2 screw bolts when you unscrew those.
4. Only use air blower to clean the sensor. Please do not touch the image sensor.